Aqua Studio | Aquarium Shop design

Location: Herzlia Pituah
Project type: Concept Shop Design

Design and planning of an aquarium shop which is a professional galerie for interior designers, and both private and bussiness costumers.
The shop, which was before places in a hangar and looked like a warehouse for exuipment and accessories, went through an extreme makeover with our help. A new name was chosen, and a new branding, the location and the retail concept was changed to fit the target audience, and a new website was built.

A aquariums display with a spacious gallery feel - the customer is presented with the final product in its optimal condition, and not a collection of components
Display of wall-mounted aquariums, standing on the floor, including various stands, wall recesses, etc.
A laid-out aquarium display, including dedicated lighting
A display area for additional equipment and fish food
Recessed aquarium display, combined in a branded wall
A view from outside of the store with lighting