Zim Urban | Outdoor Retail Stand

Location: Arad
Project type: Retail Stands & Mall Kiosks
Category: Miscellaneous

Concept development for retail stands that will be installed permanently outside, in an uncovered/unroofed area outside a shopping mall. From an operational perspective, this is a stand-alone retail unit with display and storage for different kinds of merchandise (cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, etc.). The stand includes all necessary infrastructure and components.
The unit can be customized, has built-in branding surfaces and can be closed and locked at the end of the day and easily re-opened the next day.  The first such stands will be set up in the Zim Business Center in Arad.
This stand is intended to replace the temporary booths provided by vendors to maintain a uniform look and feel for a space and increase the space’s value. It will also make it easier for tenants to maintain consistent operations, enabling the lessor to charge a monthly rental fee.
This project was awarded the “Israel Star Award” for 2013 from the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Packaging and Design Institute.

A line of retails stands, as they will be set up outside the shopping mall.
A prototype of the retail stand when it is open. The awnings seen in the open position become walls that enclose and lock the unit at the end of the day.
The unit when it is closed (can also be locked)
A smart spring system that allows the the stand to open.
The project won the "Star of Israel" award 2013 in the category of display fixtures