>  Haviv - Hila Haviv | Of the owner's family

"We have been working together on a number of projects with the assistance of "Koren Visual Solutions – Commercial Design and Shopping Experience", for quite some time now, long enough to be profoundly impressed and to express our appreciation for the professionalism, dedication and attention of the team.

Each project receives complete attention, which includes comprehensive reference and attention to detail, starting with a smart and patient retail design up to extremely high design and aesthetics capabilities. You have met quite complex performance limitations, executed a variety of tasks and assignments, while maintaining an excellent interpersonal relationships and a friendly and pleasant atmosphere."

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>  'Seven' (Petroleum Israel Ltd.) - Oron Hayun | Owner

"I am thrilled to have selected you as the branding and design company of my new 'Seven' – chain of gas stations –

As someone who appreciates quality and is sensitive to the small details, I felt you have connected to my desire to build a differentiated, high quality and meticulous business, and you knew to translate it into the appearance of the station on site.

Lior and the Koren team were attentive to my wishes, flexible to changes and constraints and did not spare any thought, working hours and efforts, in order to achieve the best results possible.

Since the first station was opened I am receiving compliments for the design, the convenience store functions well and it is comfortable for the both the staff as well as for the customers.

I have elected to continue cooperating with you in my additional branches as well. I highly recommend Koren as a design and execution of sales complexes company."

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"Tamar - An experience of flavor" - Moshe Ram | Owner

"I would like to draw your attention to a small but huge company, which succeeded in delving deep into my mind and execute my greatest fantasy, to establish the most beautiful store in Israel.

A place that is no less than one great shopping experience,

A place that brings a huge smile to my face each morning when the curtain rises.

A highly gifted and talented group of people,

Orchestrated by no other than Lior Koren of course.

A team which accompanied me daily for over a year,

I would even go as far as to call them family.

So, a huge thanks to you Koren Family."

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>  Hazi Hinam - Moshe Shimoni

"Koren Visual Solutions" have been active with Hazi Himan for about nine years, working on various projects in the chain's branches and different companies we own.

The Koren Company serves as a leading supplier for the development, design and production of the branches visibility. Over the past year it was responsible for establishing the 'Em Hamoshavot' branch, in everything relating to the interior of the store, as well as being involved in many other projects.

The company presents high abilities in everything relating to understanding the relationship between the retailer and the customer, and provide a unique and efficient solution in the retail industry.

I highly recommend to engage the services of the company.

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>  Aqua Studio - Ya'akov Gavriel | Owner and C.E.O

With God's Help

In December 2014, we completed the Aqua Studio Concept Store project together.

I consider it a privilege to express my gratitude and appreciation for everything relating to the planning period and the development of the project.

I wish to thank you for the good and friendly attitude that was expressed by your professionalism and a high level of proficiency in developing the store design experience, rebranding and delivering the new concept to Israel.

The creativity you brought into the project is second to none, and I am not the only one to attest to it, but every customer or designer I work with sing your praises and say that the place is spectacularly beautiful and extraordinary in its quality.

Of course the solutions you have provided for every domain in the project such as branding, internet website, signage, as well as the intention behind changing the concept are especially commendable.

I will take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank all those involved in the work and the extended team I was fortunate to meet both in the studio, management and supervision, and production and manufacturing.

Thank you all very much and may we continue our fruitful cooperation in the future.

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>  Go Active - Yossi Laor | Director, Manager of business development

"The Go Active fitness club chain includes 29 fitness clubs in Israel. Go Active is the oldest chain in Israel, operating for more than 23 years.

About a year ago we established the most advanced fitness center in Israel, "Go Active Kiryat Ono" on an area of 16 Dunams and a club on a built area of more than 4500 Sq/M. The opening of the new club included redesigning and formulating a new sales design concept for the club. After examining several options, we chose Koren Visual Solutions to accompany us from the concept formulation stage and up to the final execution.

The involvement of the Koren's team of managers was complete from day one, organized work meeting were scheduled with our teams, and included getting down to all the little details related to the ongoing operations of the sales area in the club, the type of products sold and the required design and functional solutions. We received by an expedited schedule the first sketches for approval and responded to them until we moved on to the production stage. I must point out that even during this stage Koren kept close contact with us and were open to any changes if required.

At the end of the process, the products arrived and were installed on time to our full satisfaction.

I highly recommend on cooperating with Koren both in terms of personnel as well as professionally. Good luck!"

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>  Stop Shop - Michael Alexelsi | Owner

"I received amazing reactions from the customers – everyone is very excited.

The compliments were on the design and the organization of the place, which is most aesthetic and appealing.

We received excellent service and the place is working nonstop.

I truly enjoyed working with you, many thanks."

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>  "Shave Plus" - Itzik Michaeli | C.E.O and owner

"In the summer of 2013, the Koren Company executed a key project in our "Equal+" branch in Or Yehuda. The project included design, production and erection of a vegetable department and 10 different categories. A very tight schedule was set for the project in order to meet the opening date of the branch. The Koren Company exhibited a speedy response and met the tight schedules. We received high level service, creativity, flexibility and the desire to satisfy me as a customer. Although I carried out changes as the project moved forward, Koren showed the willingness to come towards me and still meet the timely schedules. Even after the project was completed, Koren were willing to execute adjustments, completions and comply with various requests made after the opening of the branch.

I highly recommend working with the Koren Company, both on a service level, professional quality as well as in respect of time tables.

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>  Omer Yevulim - Eli Aish | Owner


In 2009 we renovated the fruit and vegetable shop we operated in partnership with the Hazi Hinam chain at the Yarkonim Branch in Petach Tikva.

The business worked nicely prior to that, so we decided to renovate with the aim to improve the visibility of the location.

Koren designed all the facilities in the shop following the design of the chain's fruit and vegetable flag shop in Hod Hasharon. The company even manufactured and installed all the facilities in the store.

The change in design was to us a true revolution, in the look of the store as well as in the general feeling, and especially in the improvement in sales.

After the renovation our monthly revenues increased by about 250%!

Koren supplied us with a high quality product, good service and brought great benefit to the business.

I highly recommend working with them in the field of store design and display facilities."

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>  Yashir Group - Noam Nagler | C.E.O

The Yashir Group is a long-standing leading chain in the field of marketing and supply of electrical equipment and materials for the industry, subcontractors and private customers.

The chain consists of eight stores in industrial zones nationwide. The chain has recently undergone a process of rebranding. As part of the process it was decided to implement the brand values in the branches themselves, while fully renovating the existing stores and planning new stores.

We selected "KOREN Visual Solutions" to perform the work from the concept stage to execution. So far we have executed in cooperation with Koren, the renovation of 5 stores (Jerusalem, Holon, Rehovot, Petach Tikva and Caesarea).

As part of the project each branch was designed separately, dedicated display facilities planned for the chain were designed and executed, achieving unity and improvement in the appearance of the store, with the goal to increase sales. After more than a year of activity of the refurbished branches, it is safe to say there has been an increase of tens of percents in sales, the customers are most pleased with the display and visibility of the stores. The sales personnel at the counters have a comfortable and much more efficient work environment than what used to be in the past. The new display enables us to correctly display the product line, the variety of products and the product trees displayed have expanded significantly, something which allows us to increase the turnover on the basis of the existing clientele.

I highly recommend working with Koren".

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>  Panopharm - Avi Yosupov | Owner and Co-C.E.O

"We are pleased to confirm that we have retained the services of "Koren Visual Solutions" for the execution of branding and design of the "Panopharm" pharmacy chain of stores, which began its activities about a year ago. We have been using "Koren Visual Solutions" already from the logo and branding of the chain stage, through establishing the chain's visibility, planning the planogram and various display facilities and up to the full execution of the actual stores.

Over the course of the year the first store opened in Hod Hasharon, following which, we have opened a second branch in Holon, again with the cooperation of "Koren" under the same design line. On the agenda is to continue working on a third branch in the near future.

Koren has complete professional understanding in the field of retail, innovative and creative design, creative technical solutions as well as a high level of execution. The professional team is reliable, service oriented and available. Also, they were attentive to all our requests and have studied the unique needs of the field of pharmacies. Our stores look unique and different than the competition, more advanced and of better quality.

I highly recommend retaining the services of the company for any project in the field of retail."  

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>  Sports Betting Board - Itzik Barak | National Sales Manager

Since 2001, the Koren Company has served as the sole supplier of the "Sports Betting Board" in the field of retail space development and implementation of the brand "Toto/Winer" at the points of sale. Koren constituted a "key contractor" in the design and upgrading of the Toto stations nationwide, initiated by the Board and executed in cooperation with the station owners.

The project included:

Development of the design concept and implementing it at the Board's points of sale.

Individual design of stores of all kinds (kiosks, convenience stores, stands in malls and more).

Development, design and planning of all types of display facilities, such as: Innovative terminal counters, shelving systems, storage and furnishing, technology integrated power walls), computer systems, lighting, television screens and more (various forms of fixtures, tables, chairs, counters and bar stools, designated seating areas for filling out forms, dedicated development of light fixtures, shelf talkers, various signage systems and more.

Production level design of all the facilities and elements.

Measurements on site, designated layout planning for each station and approving it with the station owner and representatives of the Board, including budget approval.

Production and manufacturing of all the project components, some in a 'one-off' production and some in mass production, while implementing a variety of advanced technologies and materials (carpentry, metal, plastic, various types of print, electrical systems and more).

Installing the point of sale and facilities on site.

Ongoing operation and maintenance.

Over this period the Koren Company handled more than 1000 points of sale on our behalf nationwide, the operational side of the project and carried the overall responsibility for its execution. The representatives of the company provided service to five regional managers on behalf of the Board at the same time, and worked regularly with the station owners to provide a response to the specific needs of each point of sale (including retail consulting and a planogram).

At Koren they were able to combine the needs of the station owner with those of the Board in a way which leveraged the relationship between the Board and the station, maximized the Board's display areas, and promoted brand sales.

I wish to point out the high level professionalism of the team at Koren, the retail understanding, flexibility and ongoing response to our needs, as well the high level of service of the company's employees.

I will be happy to recommend them as a professional supplier in the field of design, planning and execution of points of sale."

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