Our Story

Our Story

Who are we, and why you should work with us :)

KOREN. Creating Retail Spaces.

KOREN Visual Solutions was founded in 1997 by Lior Koren, and today is one of Israel’s leading retail design & shopping experience companies. We are experts at the design and build of shops, commercial spaces, and advanced points of sale. In the last two decades we have handled over 2,000 stores and purchase points, for leading retailers and manufacturers.

Our clients enjoy a complete service package provided by an experienced staff comprised of project managers, interior designers, industrial designers, graphic artists, and logistic team. Our work covers all project aspects – floor planning and planogram, design and planning, manufacturing, supervision, and on-site installation, at projects that can range from nationwide retail chains to a dedicated solution for a specific point of purchase.


KOREN is known for its marketing understanding, innovative thinking and unique design capabilities, along with an uncompromising level of performance. We are proficient in operational and infrastructural considerations which effect the efficiency of the store staff, and enable convenient shopping for customers.

Our work’s results have been measured professionally by several of our clients. In many cases, sales increased by tens of percentage and even higher. In the ‘revenue per meter’ index our projects exhibit impressive results vis-à-vis the competitors. Certain categories have even achieved some of the highest sales data in the country.

Koren specializes in tailoring the unique shopping experience to the complex, brand, product and final consumer, thanks to retail design expertise, creative design, and innovative thinking.

We connect the customer’s experience to the buying process, thus contributing to increased revenue. It starts with attracting the customer into the store, through optimal planning of the customer route , and ends with making the purchasing decision.

We offer expertise in retail design, visual merchandising and brand’s representation in the point of purchase.

We provide our clients with a “one-stop-shop” solution including sales-focused architectural and consultative service, multidisciplinary design studio, project management department, production workshops, and skilled installation teams.

We pay maximum attention to safety and human engineering considerations both in the work process and in all the elements installed in the store.

Proven experience in designing, planning and establishing item-rich stores with specialization in the FMCG field, creating an innovative and advanced shopping experience and optimal representation of the brand values ​​at the point of sale.

Complete solution for the customer – consulting and architecture services focused on sales, advanced design studio, management and production team, production workshops and installation system. Comprehensive care at all stages of the project, responsibility for schedule and budget.

Attention to human engineering considerations, safety, accessibility, Ministry of Health guidelines and green building. The work is done under the guidance of a construction engineer and professional consultants according to the needs of the project.

Our Pathway & Vision

We create unique and extraordinary retail spaces that combine excellent business performance, enhance customer experience, and protect the environment. Innovation is at the foundation of our work, alongside our commitment to high standards in design, planning, and execution. We strive towards professionalism and constantly updating in retail and commercial design trends, and changes in costumer behavior. Understanding the retailer’s needs combined with creating an unusual shopping experience, lays at the foundation of planning and designing each project.

We are committed to your brand’s visuality at the point of sale, whether if it’s the retail chain’s brand, a certain category within a shop or a specific product. Our job is to display your product in a correct and complementary fashion, causing it to shine relative to the competition. We like to imagine our projects to a highly experienced ‘waiter’ professionally, elegantly, and skillfully serving your product to the customer on a brilliant and well-polished tray.

KOREN’s unique process is characterized by a close-knit integration of architectural, interior, industrial, and graphic design that complement and empower one another. We believe that it is important to create and preserve continuity through unified treatment of the layout and various sections in the shop, the various display fixtures, the 3D design and graphic language, until the “last meter” (the point of contact between the customer and the product). That approach creates great customer’s experience, convenient shopping, and easy orientation, and thus contributing significantly to increase in sales.

Lior Koren | Owner & CEO

Industrial Designer by training (HIT). Lior is a retail design expert, highly experienced and knowledgeable in planning retail & commercial spaces, and considered one of the leading professionals in the Israeli market.

As a boy, Lior was extremely curious to know “how things work” and spent hours disassembling watches, various devices, and anything that fell into his hands. Subsequently, he constructed small gadgets like portable fans, radio transmitters, and the like, often selling them successfully at school. His technical comprehension, inventive thinking, his sense of daring and commercial skills all found expression in his current occupation. In addition to a sense of humor and aspiration toward design perfection, all these are visible in our company’s projects and unique spirit.

As a retail design expert, Lior often speaks to retailers, business owners, and entrepreneurs at professional conferences. He is a guest lecturer in various academic institutions, and writes for professional magazines on retail design, shopping experience, and sustainable shop design.

About our Team

The company numbers some twenty employees, the majority of whom are graduates of various design schools. The staff includes interior designers, industrial designers, graphic designers, planners, project managers, a logistical and administrative staff. Many of the employees have been part of our company for many years and function as a professional and qualitative core of skilled labor that knows how to work together and give the client a high-level product and optimal service experience.


prize Israel Star 2024 Award of the Israel Institute of Packaging and Design Design and implementation of a display fixture for Ferrero Rocher's chocolate boxes, in Hazi Hinam Retail chain
prize The Yitzhak Rabin National Prize for Quality and Excellence for the year 2023 Awarded by the Economy Ministry, Prime Minister's Office, Manufacturer's Association of Israel and the Israel Society for Quality. KOREN was the only winner at small business Category.
prize Israel Star 2020 Award of the Israel Institute of Packaging and Design An adjusting gondola head with alternating display, for "Shuk Hair" supermarket chain
prize Israel Star 2016 Award of the Israel Institute of Packaging and Design Design and construction of a concept store for tourists for the “Ahava” Cosmetics brand
prize Israel Star 2013 Award of the Israel Institute of Packaging and Design For the design of outdoor sales booths, for “Zim Centers”
prize Israel Star 2011 Award of the Israel Institute of Packaging and Design A new checkout area concept for "Hazi Hinam" supermarket chain