Convenience Stores, Cafeterias & Stalls

The design of convenience stores requires a different approach than when designing regular stores. The challenge is the large number of items, a relatively small sales area, the need for a quick and comfortable operation by a small staff, the prevention of thefts, and the desire to provide an aesthetic and pleasant shopping experience, and the same goes when designing shopping mall stands, designing cafeterias and snack bars, designing convenience stores in gas stations, and alike. Our company has a great deal of experience in these types of sales points, we are experts in maximizing the display and sales areas in compliance with the conditions of the area, by creating a smart and comfortable store for employees and customers as well as increasing the revenue per Sq./M.

In recent years, more and more stores expand their range of services and products, adding fast food and/or healthy food categories, and additional products in accordance with the target audience. The store design needs to support the product range and provide an appropriate shopping experience.