Fruit & Vegetable

Designing a fruit and vegetable shop requires extensive professional knowledge and experience. The produce must be displayed in an optimal manner in order for it to be sold while still fresh, it should be stacked in the right quantities and angles in order to prevent spoilage, and it must convey freshness, health and attractiveness to the customer. It is of utmost importance to account for the operational considerations in a fruit and vegetable shop, and for these categories in supermarkets and minimarkets. This produce requires sorting on a daily basis, convenient options for loading and transporting, as well as the maintaining of maximal cleanliness. The proper division into categories, the right selection of materials, flattering lighting, signage, price tags and interior design – will all contribute to its success. The fruit and vegetable display is the most wasteful in the field of food products, and products in general. The smaller the area of the store, the more important the professional and meticulous design should be.

We will be happy to place our vast experience at your disposal, and to establish a winning fruit and vegetable shop for you, or a fruit and vegetable category at the grocery store, supermarket or minimarket, which will generate high revenues and a reason to step into your shop.