Services & Workflow

Services & Workflow

Project stages - Concept to installation
Project specification
  • Meeting with the client and visiting the site
  • Mapping the brands strengths and weaknesses, and complex constrictions
  • Assembling client's requests, needs and preferences
  • Defining the content of the project
  • Preliminary pricing (of stages 1,2,3) + price estimate for the entire project.
  • Executing measurements or receiving architectural plans as a basis
  • Defining the mixture of products, categories, quantity of fields, location and continuity in the store
  • Establishing entries and exists, the client's route in the store, delicatessens, checkout lines and special areas.
Design concept
  • Sketches for display areas
  • Feedback from the customer, changes and amendments until convergence towards a selected concept
  • Imaging including graphic language (hand, computerized or animated, according to what was defined)
  • Approval of the design concept
  • Submission of detailed pricing for production and approval of the price quote and schedule for completing the process
Detailed Design
  • Designing all categories and facilities in the store according to the chosen concept
  • Involvement in the decisions regarding infrastructure (lighting, air conditioning, flooring and cladding, designated systems)
  • Selecting raw materials and production technologies, light fixtures, shelving systems, determining color schemes, materials, and visibility for all areas according to budget and schedule.
Interior plans
  • As required – Preparing plans for flooring, ceiling, electricity, plaster, etc., for the sales areas (and not for the entire complex or structure)
  • We do not execute building plans, and do not deal with permits from the authorities -
  • These are under the responsibility of the architect and/or engineer on behalf of the client
Production plans
  • Preparing work plans and production portfolios for the various supplies
  • Approval of the planning stage with the constructor (when necessary) and receiving installation instructions
  • Meeting with consultants, manufacturers and installers to begin the production process
  • Producing graphic layouts for the signage, decoration and branding areas
Graphics and signage
  • Design and production of all the graphic areas according to layouts and the design concept chosen
  • Closing files for print while taking into account installation constraints and compliance with the other project components
  • Manufacturers and products' tender according to suitability and the client's budget
  • Finalizing price quotes and work orders
  • Full accompaniment of the process with the manufacturers on a level of quality control, and meeting budget and schedule
  • Preparing a prototype (when needed), approving samples, integration between various processes and suppliers
  • Selecting installation teams, professional guidance and coordinating a schedule with the client
  • Installing all the facilities and the display systems in the store
Inspection and approvals
  • Constructor's inspection for installation (when required)
  • Summary tour with the client, completions and adjustments (when necessary)