Food & Drinks

Food store design includes supermarkets, minimarkets, grocery stores, fruit and vegetables shops, cafeterias, delicatessens and more. The design of food stores requires professional knowledge and extensive experience. It is necessary to consider the regulations of the Ministry of Health, understanding the operational system of the field of food, being vigilant on issues of cleanliness, expiration dates and reducing depreciation, addressing the display of many brands under the branding of the retailer, and above all the ability to create a successful store which yields a high revenue, in a field known to have a large sale volume with a low net profit margin. The shopping experience is a key tool for promoting sales in the store – it requires knowledge of consumer behavior in food stores, meticulous planning of the customer’s walking route, the correct planogram, and the careful planning of all the display systems together with an experiential design which is tailored to the products and values of the network.

This is our main field of expertise, we have designed stores of all types and sizes for leading entrepreneurs and retailers. We will be happy to design and set up your new food store!