Shuk Ha’ir | Supermarket Renovation

Location: Jerusalem
Project type: Supermarket Design
Category: Food & Drinks

Renovation of an active supermarket branch in Jerusalem.
A new planogram was implemented, and the whole supermarket was replanned and redesigned, including all categories, shelving systems, display units, signage, and decoration.

Supermarket entrance on opening day
Meat and poultry market
Gondola ends and aisle singage
Fish market
Fruits & Vegetables category
Cheese market
Nuts & spices category
Nuts & spices deli
Nuts & spices
Candy category
Decorative singage at the nuts complex
Bread category
Fruits & Vegetables market
General view of the market area
Meat & fish market
Nuts & spices complex
Salad category
Aisle signage
Salad category and aisle singage
Household goods category
Checkout area