Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability and environmental accountability

The Koren Company assimilates environmental awareness with the goal to reduce environmental damage in stores and commercial complexes.

We are members in the Green Building Council, the staff underwent special training on the subject back in 2019 in collaboration with the SID Center. We have established a library for environmentally friendly materials for use in projects, and we gradually implement design, planning, and production processes which are directed at circular economy – for example, preferring dry adhesion over gluing, so it will be possible to dismantle and recycle at the end of the product’s life span.

We reduce the use of plastic as much as possible and make use of PVC planks which hold strict European standards, we use environmentally friendly paints, and when possible we print over the raw material instead of on a vinyl paper, and recently we have begun making decorative sculpturing from innovative materials which diminishes the environmental impact.

We aspire to implement in local projects the field of green retailing which is gaining momentum around the world, and act to raise awareness on the issue among our clients, (see a lecture of Lior Koren on the issue at the 2020 Retail Conference, and a lecture on sustainability in supermarkets published in ‘Legit’ Magazine). Among the relevant topics: implementation of green building in commercial complexes, reducing food waste, reducing packaging, cessation of the use of disposable plastic, promoting the sale of “ugly fruit and vegetables” in supermarkets, promoting visibility and performance of fresh fruit and vegetable categories over harmful foods categories, and more. We are equipped to offer green building consulting as part of the overall service. Read More on Green Supermarket Design page.

We will be happy to collaborate with entrepreneurs and retailers who are interested in implementing sustainability in the commercial complexes they own, or to promote new projects in the field together. The company has a great deal of knowledge on the issue, a true desire to promote the issue in Israel, and a familiarity with what is being done in supermarkets and stores overseas (unfortunately, still not enough in Israel…). Come work with us on how to take your business forward on this so important issue.

And… it goes without saying that we recycle paper and waste in the office, avoid disposable plastic containers, use recycled paper, we have moved on to economical lighting, and take into account pollution and fuel consumption when selecting the company’s vehicles.

Green Building seminar lecture at SID Center, June 2018

Community contribution

Koren regularly contributes to various non-profit organizations and association.

Once a year we voluntarily renovate complexes that serve youth at risk or other vulnerable populations. The last one, renovated in December 2021, was “Mix” youth center in Holon, that is operated by “Elem” association. As part of the renovation, we redesign the place, repair walls, windows, doors, paint and decoration, purchase or manufacture dedicated furniture and accessories, curtains, signage, lamps, shelving, etc. The project’s framework and the design concept  are coordinated with the management of the place, considering their needs and preferances. All the preparations are carried out Weeks earlier, and then in one concentrated day, all the company’s employees  preform the project together, often sub-suppliers also join us voluntarily. It’s usually a long and strenuous day, but we are accostumed, highly motivated, and enjoying the opportunity to do good 🙂

Renovation of MIX center of the Elam Association for Youth at Risk, Holon, Nov. 2021

"Kadima" association youth center renovation in Pardes Katz, April 2019

We assist once a year in sorting agricultural produce at “Leket Israel”, as well as coordinating and transferring equipment donations to the needy and delivering rations on Purim.

Sorting F&V in the logistics center of "Leket Israel"

Purim baskets sent every year to a youth at risk center