Minimarket Design

Minimarket Design and planning, requires professionalism and expertise in designing multi-item food stores. Minimarkets have a limited sales area – the challenge of utilizing the area of the store in the best possible manner will determine its success. With the strengthening of the mixed uses trend in urban planning, and the consumer’s preference to shop close to home (which increased even more during the Corona period), in recent years, more and more minimarkets, neighborhood supermarkets and grocery stores are being opened in city centers. Customers of the large shopping networks, who are accustomed to an advanced shopping experience and wide variety, expect a similar standard in these stores as well. It is much more difficult to design a successful fruit and vegetable category in a limited space, as well as to provide adequate representation for specialized categories such as butcheries, delicatessens, wines, pastries and as such. When the layout of the store and the planning of the customer’s route is carried out by taking into account the conditions of the space, while carefully designing and taking into account all the operational considerations, it is indeed possible! A professional and well designed minimarket can become an attraction focus, and yield excellent business performance.