When designing pharmacies we are dealing with the challenge of having a multitude of items (much like in convenience stores), which requires meticulous design and division into categories in order to create order and allow for easy orientation. Especially in stores with a relatively small space, there is great importance to the formulation of a professional layout and planogram, both in respect of the customer’s walking route, as well as in respect of designing the display system.
On top of these of course, an ultimate representation of the chain’s brand values must be added, display areas for the various brand, thought must be given to the correct size of the aisles, the position of entries and exits, advertizing space for interchanging signage for sales campaigns, and designing a checkout line which is suitable for the store area while creating separation between stations to maintain the privacy of the customers.
In most pharmacies, apart from medication, there are specialized categories in the fields of cosmetics, optics, snacks, and food supplements. Designing the store and the shopping experience must support these categories, providing the customer with the feeling that buying perfume or a pair of glasses at the pharmacy does not fall short from buying those items at a specialty store.