Panopharm | Pharmacy Design

Location: Rishon Le’Zion
Project type: Retail Chains & Stores
Category: Cosmetics & Care

Design for a new chain of pharmacies that retails medicines and skin care and beauty products.
The project started with branding and developing the planograms, followed by planning, design and the production of all the store’s display fixtures and decorative elements.

עיצוב והקמת בית מרקחת
Division of retail categories and a counter for the sale of eyeglasses and related products.
עיצוב והקמת בית מרקחת
The store is very narrow and needed particularly efficient use of space for the aisles, especially to accommodate shopping carts.
עיצוב והקמת בית מרקחת
A view of the checkout area, which includes a broad range of categories and also provides a partition between registers to provide privacy to each customer.