KOREN. Creating Retail Spaces.

We create exceptional retail spaces, that combine superior business performance, great shopping experience, and promote sustainability.

KOREN Visual Solutions (Est.1997), is an expert in retail design and brand implementation, and is one of Israel’s leading retail design companies. We specialize in the design, planning, development, manufacture and installation of retails spaces and innovative POP displays. Our goal is to maximize sales through professional retail planning and design. We specialize in commercial complexes, supermarkets, retail chains and stores, and provides a complete design & build service package. We have over 20 years of both local and global experience - So far, we have designed and executed over 2,000 stores and points of sale.

Retail Design Projects
  • Gallery
  • Gallery
  • Food Chains Design
  • Shop Design
  • Commerce and Entertainment
  • Convenience stores, Cafeterias & Stalls
Hazi Hinam | "Sharonim" Mall Branch IKEA | Swedish Food Shop Fountain Cafe | Dining & Entertainment Complex Yohananof | "Karaso" branch Bull Market | Minimarket Design Steimatzky | Steimatzkids Concept Shop Seven | Gas Station and Convenient store design Politzer | Supermarket Design AHAVA | Visitor Center Shop Desing Haviv | Supermarket branch design Hazi Hinam | Home textile & Clothing shop Adom Yarok | Neighborhood supermarket Yohananof | "Pardes" Branch Hashmal Yashir | Holon Branch Renovation Binyamina Winery | Design of Visitor Center Panopharm | Design and Implantation of a Pharmacy Shuk Ha'ir | Supermarket Branch Renovation Vertical Field | Concept Store Desing Besser Market | Convenient Store Design The Market | Convenience Store Hazi Hinam | Checkout area Tamar Spices | Spices Shop Desing Hazi Hinam | Petach Tikva Branch Hazi Hinam | Dining Erea In A Supermarket Politzer | Supermarket Design Joy | Health Club Interior Design Hazi Hinam | Categories in Holon branch "Merkava" Hazi Hinam | Rishon Le Zion Branch Renovation Haviv | Supermarket redesign City of David | Visitor Center Shop Desing Fresh Kitchen | Fresh - Shopping Mall Booth Hazi Hinam | Mercava Branch | Cleaning and Laundry Category Joy | קפיטריה בחדר כושר Stop Shop | Convenient Store Cancun | Premium Shop Design for Meat & Fish Seven | Gas Station and Convenient store design Panopharm | Pharmacy Design & Implantation Holmes Place Go Active | Reception and Shop Hazi Hinam | Ceiling over the frozen food area Yohananof | Supermarket Design Hazi Hinam | Supermarket Cafeteria Hazi Hinam | Milk Substitutes Category Tapuz | Convenience Store Desing at a Gas Gtation An experiential cinema stand Pic My Face | Stand design Fresh Kitchen | Fast food shop 36 Noodles | Sushi & Noodles Bar Shave Plus | Supermarket Design Optica Halperin | Shopping Mall Booth Hazi Hinam | Mercava Branch | Beverages Section Joy | Spa Interior Design Danbar Toys | Play and Retail Stand Hazi Hinam | Management Offices Design Veronica Pie | Mall Stall for Shoes Shuk Ha'ir | Modular gondola head Procter & Gamble | Hair Color Section Zim Urban | Outdoor Retail Stand Hazi Hinam | Fruit & Vegetables Store Design Ta'am Ha'Pri Ve'Hayerek | Fruit & Vegetables shop Materna | Kids' Area in Bookstores Aqua Studio | Aquarium shop desing Globus Max | עיצוב קונספט למזנון בקולנוע Hazi Hinam | Supermarket Cafeteria Sport Bar Ashdod | Sport Bar Design Panopharm | Pharmacy Design & Implantation Soda Stream | Retail Stand Fun In The Sun | Eilat Convenience Store Fun In The Sun | Hotel Convenience Store Toto | Kiosk & Store Renovations Shor Tabachnik | Pharmacy Redesign Bull Market | Supermarket Design Hashmal Yashir | Jerusalem Branch Renovation Hazi Hinam | Hair Color Category IKEA | Swedish food market, Natanya branch Meshek Gorme | F&V and Fresh Fish Shop
Services & Workflow
Design concept
Individual designs up to convergence
Architectural finishing plans*
Production plans
Graphics and signage
Production and manufacturing
Inspection and approvals
1. Characterization
Meeting with the client and visiting the site
Mapping the brands strengths and weaknesses, and complex constrictions
Assembling client's requests, needs and preferences
Defining the content of the project
Preliminary pricing (of stages 1,2,3) + price estimate for the entire project.
2. Planogram
Executing measurements or receiving architectural plans as a basis
Defining the mixture of products, categories, quantity of fields, location and continuity in the store
Establishing entries and exists, the client's route in the store, delicatessens, checkout lines and special areas.
3. Design concept
Sketches for display areas
Feedback from the customer, changes and amendments until convergence towards a selected concept
Imaging including graphic language (hand, computerized or animated, according to what was defined)
Approval of the design concept
Submission of detailed pricing for production and approval of the price quote and schedule for completing the process
4. Individual designs up to convergence
Designing all categories and facilities in the store according to the chosen concept
Involvement in the decisions regarding infrastructure (lighting, air conditioning, flooring and cladding, designated systems)
Selecting raw materials and production technologies, light fixtures, shelving systems, determining color schemes, materials, and visibility for all areas according to budget and schedule.
5. Architectural finishing plans*
As required – Preparing plans for flooring, ceiling, electricity, plaster, etc., for the sales areas (and not for the entire complex or structure)
We do not execute building plans, and do not deal with permits from the authorities -
These are under the responsibility of the architect and/or engineer on behalf of the client*
6. Production plans
Preparing work plans and production portfolios for the various supplies
Approval of the planning stage with the constructor (when necessary) and receiving installation instructions
Meeting with consultants, manufacturers and installers to begin the production process
Producing graphic layouts for the signage, decoration and branding areas
7. Graphics and signage
Design and production of all the graphic areas according to layouts and the design concept chosen, closing files for print while taking into account installation constraints and compliance with the other project components
8. Production and manufacturing
Manufacturers and products' tender according to suitability and the client's budget
Finalizing price quotes and work orders,
Full accompaniment of the process with the manufacturers on a level of quality control, and meeting budget and schedule
Preparing a prototype (when needed), approving samples, integration between various processes and suppliers.
9. Installation
Selecting installation teams, professional guidance and coordinating a schedule with the client
Installing all the facilities and the display systems in the store
10. Inspection and approvals
Constructor's inspection for installation (when required)
Summary tour with the client, completions and adjustments (when necessary)