Adom Yarok | Neighborhood Supermarket

Location: Raanana
Size: 130 sqm
Project type: Minimarket Design
Category: Food & Drinks

Design and implementation of the 4th branch of the retail chain in Raanana.
It’s a local shop specializing in quality fresh meat and F&V.
The client experiance is top priority – many emploees serve the costumers, and there are many cashiers relatively to the size of the shop.
The upper part of display was designed as storage place, covered with brand graphics which gives color and atmosphere.

[ Photo: Aviv Kurt ]

Front of the supermarket, combined with unique display fixtuars.
Mobile vegetable stands outside the store, near the entrance
Fruits & Vegetables category
Fruits & Vegetables category
Dairy and frozen products area, combined with top storage. In the middle, combined display platform
Right: dairy, middle: eggs category, Left: pastas & sauces category.
Upper storage above a wall-mounted display system, covered with graphic design to create a shopping experience
Vegetables category refrigerator
An aisle between vegetable stand and refrigerators wall, in the middle - top storage cabinets, with graphic cover.
Checkout area and exit
Checkout area and exit