Retail Stands & Mall Kiosks

Under this sub-category, we have compiled a collection of examples of the design and execution of points of sale in malls, points of sale, launching stations, registration stands, promotional stands etc. These stands and stations function as small points of sale, including one or more salesperson.

In a relatively small sales area, provision must be made for smart display and storage, comfortable working environment for the employees and a pleasant experience for the customer, as well as enabling the closure at the end of the day. In addition, the constraints of the hosting compound must be taken into account, to represent the brand value in the best possible manner and allow for an optimal display of the products.

An article by Lior Koren published in “The Marker”, about the advantages and disadvantages of points of sale as opposed to a store, with the addition of points for attention when designing and planning can be found on the website – Worth reading.