Snack Bars & Cafeterias

Designing a snack bar or cafeteria is mostly like designing a type of a “store within a store” when it is part of a supermarket, a gym or any other complex. It must be integrated into the design of the entire complex yet allow for a different experience of an invitation for entertainment. More and more retail complexes offer their customers refreshment and light snacks refreshment areas, and it is in fact an opportunity for the retailer to offer his customers a recreational attraction that cannot be found when shopping online. These places will mostly offer hot and cold beverages and fast food (however no necessarily not healthy), which is suitable for a refreshment break during the stay at the complex. The design of a cafeteria should be able to provide a comfortable working environment for the sales staff who usually also make some of the food on the premises, and service a large number of customers at the same time. It must include refrigerators, ovens and professional equipment, as well as the need for it to be most efficient in terms of operation, use of the area and the options to maintain cleanliness.