AHAVA | Visitor Center Shop Design

Location: Dead Sea
Project type: Concept Shop Design
Category: Cosmetics & Care

Redesing of Ahava’s flagship store – a dedicated store for tourists in Masada, designed to allow the passage of a large group of customers in a short time, maximum exposure to products, a clear division into categories for ease of orientation and a careful display system that matches the high quality of the brand.

The project won the “Star of Israel” for 2016, on behalf of the Israel Packaging and Design Institute.

General view of the store
Inside the store
Wall-mounted shelving system and display fixtures according to characteristics of Ahava brand, combined with lighted signage.
Dedicated shelving system for products, with a standout platform for leading products
Display fixture with signage according to categories.
A wall-mounted shelving system, divided into categories with separation by series
Dispplay fixtures combined with lighted signage
Shelving system around pillar combined with brand image signage
A unique display fixture for promoting the brand's unique creams, including a recessed screen, which displays an explanation in video animation around each product
A unique display fixture including video animation for explanation about the products (this fixture won the "Star of Israel" aword for 2016)
An image out of an explanation animation. Around each tube of cream, the unique minerals it contains are displayed (this fixture won the "Star of Israel" aword for 2016)
Display fixture combined with lighted signage.
Display fixture combined with LED lighting for shelves.
Display fixture for gift boxes.
Display fixture for men's cosmetics products
Display fixture for gift boxes.