Binyamina Winery | Visitor Center Design

Location: Binyamina
Size: 2500 sqm
Project type: Food, Commerce & Entertainment
Category: Wine & Liquor

The design, planning and implementation of substantial renovations to the visitor center, which is located in a historic building in the town of Binyamina. The space has two floors and a basement, for a total of 2500 m2 (26910 ft2). When the winery was recently purchased, the new owners (Hazi Hinam) decided to completely renovate the space. The new visitor center reopened in March 2012.

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Service counter and point of sale in the visitor center store.
A wall in the store with shelves dedicated to the winery’s six brands of wine.
The visitor center’s entrance.
The stairway to the second floor is decorated with awards won by the winery’s wines.
The café on the second floor patio. The windows look out onto the surrounding gardens and make the sitting area a particularly pleasant place to linger.
Seating area on the first floor as part of the conference hall
Rich treatment of the ceiling and lamps designed and manufactured especially for the complex (by "Shandeliria")
A detail in the event hall: illustrations of landscape surrounding Binyamina are framed with brass frames have special lighting that can simulate daytime or nighttime light.
An event hall located on the second floor. We had to remove the supporting pillars.
A view of the visitor center from outside. The exterior also was redone: faced with brick, a new sign and a new, tiled roof.
A view of the garden that surrounds the covered patio on the ground floor.