Hazi Hinam | Home textile & Clothing Shop

Location: Hod Ha'sharon
Size: 850 sqm
Project type: Supermarket Design

The supermarket’s second floor was redesigned to include Home Textile & Clothing boutique. The trend of supermarkets selling fashion is growing in popularity in Europe and the United States’ leading supermarket chains. Hazi Hinam decided to invest in turning a clothing store into an eye-catching department that would attract customers from the supermarket level.

Visibility of the floor from the conveyor belt coming up from the entrance floor - the design and treatment of the ceiling is intended to intrigue and draw the customers upwardes.
General view of the floor
Designed ceiling creating an attraction with a view of the entrance floor
A ceiling plan with division into areas that helps define the various sales categories in the store
Shoose and accessories area
Shoes and accessories area
Shoose and accessories area - right part
Shoose and accessories area - left part
Men's clothing and Kitchenware
Men clothing area
Women's clothing
Women's lingerie complex
Kids Clothing next to Women's accessories
Children clothing category
A display system in the children's clothing complex