Yohananof | Supermarket Design, Ra’anana

Location: Ra'anana
Project type: Supermarket Design
Category: Food & Drinks

Design and construction of an active supermarket branch, including all display fixtures, orientation signage and decoration systems. The goal was to improve the shop’s business results by creating a great shopping experience, presenting the large selection of products in an accessible and attractive manner, and high operational comfort for the staff. The store’s layout was upgraded, and the chain’s design concept was implemented in all categories, display facilities and points of interest.

[ Photo: Aviv Kurt ]
עיצוב סופרמרקט ראשי גונדולה
Gondola ends and orientation signage
עיצוב סופרמרקט - עיצוב מעדניה - קצביה
Meat & poultry category
עיצוב סופרמרקט מחלקת משקאות
Soft drinks category
Right - paper towels section | Left - F&V category
Frozen food category
Main checkout area
קופות בשירות עצמי
Self checkout area