Shuk Ha’ir | Modular gondola head

Project type: Supermarket Design
Category: Food & Drinks

A three-sided gondola head, including changeable signs at the top, designed to replace temporary stands, and save materials costs and waste (cardboard, plastic and metal). Additional side view is made without reducing the passage between the gondolas, the display can adapt to changing products. The facility carries the chain's logo by default, and enables a quick and simple switching. The three faces can present three different brands.

This facility won the "Star of Israel 2020" award from the Israel Packaging and Design Institute, mainly due to its environmental qualities, and the fact that it can replace many temporary facilities and thereby reduce waste.

Gondola head for changing display, branding can be replaced on three faces
A drawing illustrating the three sided interchangeable signage areas
illustration of the fixture
Certificate of winning the "Star of Israel 2020" competition