[ All position are intended for both men and women ]

Must attach a resume with a link to a portfolio, Please send to: info@korenvs.co.il

Industrial / Interior designer

First priority will be given to an industrial designer with high formation development ability, an approach to designing a space and a marketing outlook. Second priority to an interior designer with the ability to go into details and design shelving systems and facilities.

Job description
Formulating a design concept for stores, supermarkets, commercial complexes and unique display facilities, while going into detail and designing all the display systems, décor and furnishings. Working in a team with designers, graphic designers and project managers.

Job requirements
Five years of relevant experience in industrial design, commercial interior design, exhibitions, sets, furniture.
Graduate of a recognized academic institute (Bezalel/ HIT/ Shenkar / Hadassah).
Creative, with an ability to "tell a story" and create an atmosphere.
Technical background and familiarity with manufacturing processes and technologies.
Control of design and imaging programs (3DMAX, AutoCad, SolidWorks).
Teamwork skills.

 Designer / Draftsman for stores and supermarkets

The position is suitable for a talented interior designer or architectural engineer, creative and experienced

Job description
Preparing detailed drawings and work plans including quantity lists (preferably with simulations), for the field of stores and supermarkets.

Job requirements
A graduate of architectural engineering or interior design from a recognized institution
Relevant experience of at least 5 years in drawing for the field of store design
Complete control of AutoCad, the ability to execute imaging is an advantage
Familiarity with materials, production processes and technologies
Experience in designing complexes including shelving systems, refrigeration, and professional equipment
Experience working with professional consultants, knowledge in safety regulations, accessibility and green building
Teamwork skills, highly motivated, order and organization, liability and responsibility, consistent thoroughness and self review during the work process.

Shelving and display systems designer  <

The position is suitable for an industrial designer, a graduate of a recognized academic institution (HIT, Bezalel, Shenkar, Hadassah)

Job description:
Converting design presentations into production work plans, including engineering and constructive solutions for various facilities in a variety of technologies (carpentry, frames, glass, Perspex, plaster, finishes and more). Preparing detailed work plans and graphic layouts, instructing manufacturers and subcontractors, quality control and providing response to problems in the field. Working with the studio team, project managers and subcontractors.

Job requirements
At least three years experience in designing display and shelving systems, exhibitions, sets, furniture and alike.
Complete control of SolidWorks – preferably working knowledge of AutoCad as well.
Technical knowhow and engineering understanding, familiarity with materials and technologies relevant to the field of display facilities and shelving systems, including finishing processes in interior design. Knowledge in reading and understanding architectural plans, experience in designing facilities and systems on a large scale, including construction and safety aspects.
Developed sense of aesthetics, high quality performance, attention to detail, can-do attitude, responsibility, good people skills and the ability to work in a team.

>  Installer and/or installation team – Freelance

Job description
Installation of display facilities and decorative elements in store and commercial areas, various workshop works, assisting with acquisition, deliveries, various finishing works, etc. Working in a workshop as well as on client's site, mostly in a team and/or in collaboration with additional subcontractors.

Job requirements
Three years of relevant experience in installing stores, sets or exhibitions.
Knowledge in carpentry, metal works, graphic adhesives, finishes (plaster, paint etc) and different finishes.
Responsibility, high level performance, can-do attitude, the ability to solve problems and working independently on site.
Advantage to those with sculpture, modeling and artistic painting capabilities.
Professional training and/or background in design – an advantage
Driver's license + private car – advantage.
Suitable insurance policies for renovation and installation works.
Awareness and commitment to occupational safety laws.