Maximizing the in-store encounter between buyers and advertisers

Walmart’s digital assets generated 2.7 billion $ in 2022, shining a spotlight on the growing retail media space; According to the CEO of KOREN Visual Solutions “The added value for the retailer is not only profit, but creating value for the customer.”

  • The Marker [Marketing Content]
  • March 2023
  • Agam Kedem-Levi
Retail Media panel at Commerce 2023 conference, The Marker.Right to left: Liat Dahari Ziv (Hadia), Erez Shimon (Wissotzky), Yossi Rabinowitz (Retail Innovation) and Lior Koren. Host: Saleet Granit (Expert-It)

The article brings coverage and key insights from the Retail Media panel, held as part of Commerce 2023 – The Marker’s 5th retail conference, who took place on March 15, 2023.

The panel was guided by Saleet Granit, CEO of the consulting and research company Expert-It, and was attended by Liat Dahari Ziv (VP of Marketing and Sales, Hadia), Yossi Rabinovitch (CEO of Retail Innovation), Erez Shimon (Director of Category and Channel Development, Wissotzky) and Lior Koren (CEO and owner, KOREN Visual Solutions).

Lior Koren presented the value potential of the retail media for the retailer, beyond the direct profit of advertisements as a tool to promote the brand and the bulk areas. In addition, he warned against visual Nuisance that may be created by a design-wise uncoordinated representation of many advertisers in the same store, similar to the situation that existed in stores before the “food law” and emphasized the responsibility of the retailers for the optimal appearance of the systems in the stores, as part of the shopping experience for the consumer.

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