“Worth Checking Out” (“Shaveh Bedika”) Investigates Shopping Mall Retail Stands

Lior Koren was interviewed by Mr. Menachem Horowitz during an episode on the consumer benefits of shopping mall retail stands.

  • Channel 12 News
  • Feb. 25, 2014
  • 20:00

During the program, Menachem Horowitz examines shopping mall retail stands from the perspectives of stand owners, commercial retail chains that operate retail stands apart from or instead of a physical store, marketing managers, mall owners and consumers.

Lior Koren is interviewed as a commercial design expert. He points out the advantages of retail stands, such as their easy accessibility to customers, the fact that they are already on the customer’s path and do not require turning into a store, and that stands also serve as an attraction and allow casual customers to be exposed to merchandise that leads them to make purchases.