Hazi Hinam’s Kingdom of Brands

The new biggest Hazi Hinam Supermarket branch slated to open, is the realization of a fantasy for marketers and brand designers – a 3D movie of each brand’s story.

  • Samlil Branding Portal
  • Mar. 2010
  • Oren Fight
Baby products – A child’s room using the Materna formula brand

Looking like a set from the movie “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” the new Hazi Hinam branch scheduled to open in Hod Ha’Sharon is the realization of marketers’ and brand designers’ fantasies: a 3D movie of each brand’s story.

Forget aluminum shelves and standard department signs. Here, the logos and packaging have swelled to giant proportions and guide the customer on a journey through brands along 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) of shelving, which starts in the parking lot where the support columns are decorate with logos, through the baby department which is actually a trip through a child’s room covered in clouds, laden with dolls and books, towards the bakery’s Dutch windmills and to the canned goods section with the giant tins of sardines that can comfortably accommodate at least two people.

Just before the branch’s grand-opening, Koren Visual Solutions’ website offers a peek into the thinking and creativity that went into creating the shelving displays.

The large cheese deli is designed to recall a street in Holland.
Canned goods – Sardine tins on steroids